Disable taxi offers all transportation services with our fleet of cars adopted for transport of disable people and their co-travlers


“A much-needed service for Split; thank god there are intelligent people who can work on things of general public wealth.”

Ivan Tesija, client

About Disable Taxi

About us.

Our business has a rich history of about 24 years, having started our bakery in 1996. We are committed to providing the best services possible to our customers and have always believed in extending the spirit of community service beyond our bakery doors. Over a decade ago, we realized that disabled people in our city did not have adequate transportation facilities, and this was a grave concern for us. We saw the need for accessible transportation as a social responsibility, and thus began our quest to create a platform for disabled transportation- Disabled Taxi.

We have been working tirelessly to obtain access to taxi spots from the city authorities, but regrettably, our efforts have gone unanswered. Despite our repeated appeals to the authorities, we have been told that disabled transportation is not needed and that our venture is not relevant. With this, we decided that we needed to create our niche – a taxi that is not needed, but one that is beneficial to a segment of society that has been overlooked for far too long, and thus the name Disabled Taxi – a taxi you don’t need, but you will be glad it is there.

What We Offer

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Mercedes Viano

Renault Kangoo

Iveco Daily mini bus

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